C05 Tarab Trio - The Sultan’s Serenade / HighTime

Merchiston Concerts - Memorial Hall


Tarab Trio - Tom Daun (Germany), Azad Shawaysi (Iran) and Saher Issa (Iraq)
Sparkling sounds of the santur, the Persian hammered dulcimer, mixed with soft harp chords and melancholic melodies on the saz, the long-necked lute of Anatolia. Tarab Trio offer a colourful programme, ranging from Kurdish folk dances and early music of the Ottoman Court to Balkan rhythms and expressive songs in Arabic and Kurdish.

HighTime - Ciarán Bolger, Michael Coult, Séamus Ó’Flatharta
An accomplished trio from Connemara on the West Coast of Ireland. Combining Irish music with an intriguing blend of modern folk influences, they produce a rich and unique sound and an electric energy on stage. Intricate three-part vocal harmonies and exceptional displays of rhythmic step dance have left audiences worldwide awestruck by their performances.

Irish Harp, Flute, Guitar, Bodhrán, Whistles and Vocals.

Sponsored by:
The London and South East Branch of The Clarsach Society