W09 The Creative Harp

Mon 8th April - 10:30am to12:00 noon

Merchiston Workshops - Workshop Space


Sponsored by The Wales Branch of the Clarsach Society

Spontaneous creation sometimes turns a bit complicated because we allow technical knowledge to lock us within a logical framework. In this workshop we approach listening as the main tool in composing, with the support of rhythmic, melodic and harmonic perception and exploring sound textures around Latin American music. Suitable for all kind of harps at any level and other instruments.

Tutor: Sixto and Juanjo Corbalan - Sixto and his brother Juanjo have performed together since 2007. They maintain their special focus on the Paraguayan harp and continue to pioneer new composition and performance techniques. The combination of varying musical influences results in a surprising and colourful fusion of harmonies and rhythms, with a heart- and ear-catching sound still deeply rooted in their own musical heritage.

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