W08 Ceilidh Dancing

Sun 7th April - 11:00am to 12:00 noon

Merchiston Workshops - Workshop Space


Come and learn our most popular ceilidh dances here in Scotland. Learn a few steps and movements and in no time you'll be birling round the floor with your friends. Prepare to have a great laugh, some exercise and learn at the same time. Wear light clothing and comfortable shoes.

Tutor: Sheila McCutcheon - Sheila originally comes from Gullane in East Lothian and has been dancing practically all her life. She has been calling with The Occasionals for several years now and is often called upon by other dance bands. Sheila has a wide range of ceilidh, country and reeling type dances in her extensive repetoire and actively seeks new dances for crowds to try. She likes nothing better than encouraging a crowd to give a dance a go! And they do! She runs classes at Whale Arts, South Queensferry and is part of the committee that now runs the Scotch Hop Ceilidhs in Linlithgow Palace.

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