W04 Listening again to Mary O'Hara's Scotland

Sat 6th April - 11:00am to 12:00 noon

Merchiston Workshops - Workshop Space


This presentation considers the long-play record of Scots and Gaelic songs ‘Mary O’Hara’s Scotland’ made by the influential Irish singer and harper in the late 1950s. It looks at the sources of her material and the influence of several key individuals in Edinburgh and the Hebrides as well as recordings in the recently established School of Scottish Studies Archive. Illustrated with photographs and sound recordings.

Tutor: Stuart Edymann - Edinburgh based traditional musician Dr Stuart Eydmann is no stranger to the Festival having performed several times in the past with his group the Whistlebinkies. As an ethnomusicologist he has researched and written extensively on aspects of the traditional instruments of Scotland in the modern era. His most recent work is the history of The Clarsach Society.

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