W02 Songs of the Bardic Harper

Sat 6th April - 11:00am to 12:00 noon

Merchiston Workshops - Workshop Space


In Medieval times, a bard was a professional storyteller, poet, and music-maker and the harp the archetypal instrument of the bard.  The ballad is one way a bard would combine the story with music. This workshop will focus on ballads from The James Madison Carpenter Collection and The Grieg Duncan Folksong Collection, which have the harp as a motif or theme within the ballad. Many of these ballads were collected in the North East of Scotland but have similar versions around the world. Irene will also provide some background to the songs placing them in context.  Participants may bring harps if they wish to try some easy patterns to accompany the songs, which may be spoken as well as sung.  Words will be provided but not music.

Tutor: Irene Watt - Irene is a singer, harper, workshop leader and an educationalist. She has a PhD in Ethnomusicology and Folklore and teaches and lecturers for The Elphinstone Institute at Aberdeen University as well as the North East Hub of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. She is choir director for two award winning choirs and also Convenor for the North East Scotland Branch of the Clarsach Society.

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