W03 Using the Harp in Music Therapy

Sat 6th April - 11:00am to 12:00 noon

Merchiston Workshops - Workshop Space


William Jackson will talk about the advantages (and disadvantages) of using the harp in Music Therapy, based on 25 years of experience working in that field. This open interactive presentation includes video of active music therapy situations and demonstration of talking points on the harp. Topics covered include: identifying who can benefit from music therapy, promoting and developing communication and social skills through music therapy and how to structure a music therapy session using the small harp as well as other instruments.

Tutor: William Jacson - Originally from Glasgow and now living in the west of Ireland, William has been at the forefront of Scottish traditional music for many years. In 1976 he was a founding member of the band Ossian, with whom he toured extensively in Europe and North America. In addition to being a renowned harper, multi-instrumentalist, and recording artist, he has gained an international reputation as a composer of music combining traditional and classical elements. William is also a trained music therapist.