T38 Gaelic Melodies

3-days from Mon 8th to Wed 10th April - 9:00am

Merchiston Courses - Classroom Space


What defines Scottish Gaelic music? This course aims to provide many Scottish Gaelic songs as melodies to start you exploring Gaelic Scotland or indeed to develop your horizons playing Scottish Gaelic music. Màiri will teach some of her own arrangements while encouraging you to arrange other melodies yourself, at whatever level you are currently at. The key to playing a specific genre of music is knowing where to find the raw material to expand your ideas. Màiri will help you with any queries relating to Scottish Gaelic music which might be particularly beneficial for any future Royal National Mòd competitors/teachers.

Tutor: Màiri Macleod - Màiri is a Scottish born musician with exceptional ability and passion for music. Her background is from the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, where music is part of their everyday culture. Now living in the Isle of Lewis, she teaches Clàrsach, Piano and Gàidhlig singing, conducts a senior choir and is a freelance music consultant and adjudicator for The Royal National Mòd. She also composes, arranges and publishes music for Concert Harp and Clàrsach. Màiri is spirited about Gàidhlig music & song and its place within the history of Scotland.

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