T36 Composing for harp and clarsach

Sat 6th & Sun 7th April - 1:00-2:30pm + 4:30-6:00pm

Merchiston Courses - Classroom Space


Starting off with a brief history and survey of how composers of the past and present have written for these instruments and combined them with others, I will then go on to encourage participants to compose their own short pieces. A short presentation of the music written would bring the course to an end. Discussion of the musical styles and approaches available including group improvisation, can inspire ongoing composing for the rest of the year.

Tutor: Eddie McGuire - Glasgow born, Eddie completed composition studies (RAM, London and in Stockholm) in the 1970s and has worked as composer since. Harp and clarsach are found in most of his major works such as 'Liberation' (Sanchia Pielou and the New Music Group), 'Calgacus' (BBCSSO), the 3-act 'Peter Pan' (Scottish Ballet) and the prize-winning score for Murray Grigor's documentary 'Nineveh on the Clyde' – as well as in solos, duets and songs. He plays flute in The Whistlebinkies group (playing clarsach for a couple of years in the 1970s) and has worked in duet with harpists Rhona MacKay, Judith Peacock and Mary Ann Kennedy.

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