T12 Celtic Music from New Zealand

5-days from Sat 6th to Wed 10th April - 1:00pm

Merchiston Courses - Classroom Space


The diaspora took a small number of bold Celts to the far ends of the earth – in fact, ‘down under’, to the ‘land of the long white cloud’ – Aotearoa, New Zealand, and with them they took their instruments and music. Come and learn some Kiwi-Celtic tunes written by New Zealanders or about the fair country, adapted from other instruments, and NZ songs, to be played as harp tunes.

Tutor: Anna Dunwoodie - Anna lives in Auckland, New Zealand, and is the founder and director of the Auckland Harp Orchestra, BegEnz (Beginner Harp Ensemble), and The Harp Music Club, NZHarp Performance Competition and organises regular harp gatherings and events with visiting harpists. Anna is the editor of the NZ Harp Society journal, and is the administrator for ‘Harps Downunder’, the info hub for NZ and Australian harpists. .

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