C08 Bill Taylor & Robert Getchell / Kathleen Loughnane / Lily Neill

The Linked Arms of Ireland and Scotland

Merchiston Concerts - Memorial Hall


Bill Taylor and Robert Getchell
Robert and Bill present a programme of Irish and Scottish songs from 17th-19th century sources. Bringing to life the three old Celtic strains of music, they have chosen songs and tunes to make you laugh, cry and sleep. Robert, a specialist in baroque opera and historical performance, joins Bill on wire-strung clarsach, the highest instrument of the Scottish and Irish Gaels, to play songs by the Connellan brothers, Turlough O’Carolan, Robert Burns and others.

Kathleen Loughnane
Kathleen will play music from the manuscripts of Patrick O’Neill (1765-1832) which she has researched in depth and has arranged sympathetically for the modern clarsach.   The tunes represent traditions of the wide community of that time, including tunes common to both Scotland and Ireland.

Lily Neill
Lily will round off the concert with a short selection highlighting different facets of the harp's repertoire in the ever-evolving Irish and Scottish music scenes, drawing not only from the legacy of the Irish and Scottish harper-composers and song and dance tune traditions but also from an array of other music styles.

Photo: Steve Parke

Sponsored by: Consulate General of Ireland